What is a public hearing?

A public hearing is a forum by which village residents can come before the Boards and applicant and have the authority to voice their opinions upon a given subject.

 What is a public meeting?

All meetings held by the Village Boards at the Village Hall are open to the public.

 What are the criteria for an area variance?

The five criteria are as follows: Will the undesirable change be produced in the character of the neighborhood or be a detriment to nearby properties? Can the benefit be achieved by some other feasible method? Is the requested variance substantial? Will the request create an adverse effect/impact on the physical/environmental conditions of the neighborhood/district? Is the alleged difficulty self-created?

 What are the criteria for a use variance?

The applicant cannot realize a reasonable return without a variance (lack of return must be substantial as demonstrated by competent financial evidence). The hardship is unique and does not apply to a substantial portion of the district/neighborhood. The variance will not alter the essential character of the neighborhood. The hardship is not self-created.

 What is SEQR?

SEQR refers to a State Environmental Quality Review. It is a process by which environmental agencies review an application for impacts on the environment. A 'positive' or 'negative' declaration will be conditional upon the findings of the request.