Protecting Our Architectural Heritage

One of the things that attracts newcomers to Pittsford Village is its architectural charm. Most appreciate that our history as a village is cherished by those who live here and that certain rules have been established to ensure that our legacy is protected.

Anyone planning to make changes to the exterior of a building in the Village or altering the environment (changes which can be seen from a street or waterway) should first talk with the Village Office. Clerk Dorothea Ciccarelli, Deputy Clerk, Kristen Kreiser, or Steve Lauth, Building Inspector, will be happy to assist you and provide you with a copy of the zoning code to review. Plans for many prospective changes must be presented in advance to the Historic Preservation Board (HPB). The board meets once a month to determine whether proposed changes are compatible with the building under consideration and with its neighbors. The board's decision — to approve, approve with conditions, deny or table— is given in writing within 25 working days of the application. You can pick up a copy of the zoning code at the Village Office, 21 North Main Street.

Here are a few of its salient points:

  1. HPB members will assist property owners on the physical and financial aspects of preservation, renovation, rehabilitation, and reuse.
  2. The HPB reviews the kind and texture of building materials, siding materials, types of windows, doors, lights, fences, signs, and other fixtures, as well as proposed changes in the height of buildings.
  3. On a residential corner lot, traffic visibility must be maintained. No fence, structure, or planting is permitted within 50 feet of the intersection.
  4. No structure within a Historic District may be allowed to fall into a serious state of disrepair, which might result in the need for its demolition.

These rules are designed to protect property values and to safeguard the architectural, civic, and cultural heritage of Pittsford Village. Please respect and support them.