What is a public meeting?

All meetings held by the Village Boards at the Village Hall are all open to the public.

 What is a non-municipal use permit?

A non-municipal use permit is required of all organizations for their particular designated purpose such as a parade, Boy Scout activities, and the like. The application form can be found here.

 What is SEQR?

SEQR refers to a State Environmental Quality Review. It is a process by which environmental agencies review an application for impacts on the environment. A 'positive' or 'negative' declaration will be conditional upon the findings of the request.

 What are the rules about advertising my non-profit organization's event?

A letter of permission must be submitted to the Board of Trustees stated the specifics regarding the event. This letter will be presented at the nearest Trustee meeting for consideration.

 What is a public hearing?

A public hearing is a forum by which village residents can come before the Boards and applicant and have the authority to voice their opinions upon a given subject.