Fall 2007


  • "RIT's ""Big Shot"" Coming to Schoen Place in May 2008"
  • 12/4 is Candlelight Night
  • From the Mayor
  • Grant will Fund Historic District Handbook
  • Historic Pittsford Volunteers are Updating Historic District Records
  • Historic Pittsford Honors APRB
  • FLOWER POWER': a Key to Village Ambiance
  • Trustees Revise Trash Collection Practices
  • Our After-Hours village Office Mailbox
  • Looking for a Special Holiday Gift?
  • Note to Property Ownsers from the Building Inspector
  • Village Honors Ted Weniger
  • From the DPW Superintendent
  • New Crossing Light Improves Safety at Sutherland HS
  • Need for Other Improvements Identified
  • Village Benefit Supports Lumberjack Dave Jewett
  • Welcome Our Newest Businesses