Winter Plowing:

Just a little reminder from the Superintendent- please be mindful of restricted overnight parking from November 1st to April 15th. See the Village Code for further explanation.  Please keep garbage totes and recycling bins out of the roadway or on the sidewalk during the winter. These items are not always visible from the cab of the snow equipment.  You may also contact our Department of Public Works using our form: Questions for the Department of Public Works

Zack Bleier, Superintendent of Public Works (DPW), supervises a six person crew and manages the maintenance and repair of the Village’s infrastructure. Some of the DPW’s daily responsibilities include:
  • collecting brush and yard debris
  • monitoring the Village’s storm water and sanitary sewer systems
  • maintaining public grounds and sidewalks
  • pruning village trees
  • plowing and sweeping streets and sidewalks

Do not bag yard debris. Scheduled collection of brush and containers ends the last Monday in October. After that date, we will pick up debris when time is available. This gives us all of our time to pick up leaves and to do snow removal.

Thank you for your cooperation!


Please help our DPW crew by following these mandates:

  • Place weeds, flower clippings, fruits, nuts, and other small debris in re-usable rubbish containers. When full, these containers should not weigh more than 50 pounds
  • Please keep all brush, leaves, and other debris in separated piles for the safety of our employees and Village equipment
  • During the Fall months, leaves may be piled by the curb. Leaf pick-up will continue as long as weather permits
  • Annual brush pick up is on Monday starting April 1. Brush will continued to be picked up, weather permitting, between November 1 and March 31
  • Branches and other yard debris should not exceed 6 feet in length
  • All contractor generated debris, with the exception of leaves, should be hauled to the Town of Pittsford on Golf Avenue.
  • Items such as water tanks, stoves, furniture, building materials, sod, rocks, bricks, concrete, etc. can not be picked up by the Village Highway Department. Your private waste hauler can help you dispose of these items
  • Following Village vehicles closely is dangerous. We ask that you remain at least 500 feet away from working equipment and be mindful of crew members in the work zone
DPW Staff

The DPW Crew

From left to right:

Brandon Hopkins, Sean Darcy, Peter Bessey, Matthew MacIntyre, Danielle Rehler, Zack Bleier, and Jason Cernis. 


Mindi Barnes, Gardner (not pictured)