VILLAGE CANNABIS REFERENDUM, Tuesday, February 8th. Village Hall Noon – 9 pm

Cannabis is now legal to sell and use in New York State.  Pittsford Villagers will decide whether to allow the retail sale (known as a dispensary), or retail sale and on-site use, of cannabis within the Village on Tuesday, February 8th

The referendum ballot will have two separate questions: 

  1. Shall the Village of Pittsford allow retail cannabis dispensaries to locate and operate within the boundaries of the Village of Pittsford? 
  1. Shall the Village of Pittsford allow on-site cannabis consumption establishments to locate and operate within the boundaries of the Village of Pittsford? 

Who Can Vote?

  All Pittsford Village residents who are registered voters may vote in the referendum.


 Tuesday, February 8, from Noon – 9PM

Where?  Village Hall, 21 North Main Street, Pittsford  

There are two ways to vote:

  1. In-person voting will take place at Village Hall.  COVID protocols are still in place and masks are required upon entering Village Hall.  Social distancing will be in effect where possible. (Office staff will be working remotely). 
  1. Applications for absentee ballots are available online: “Click Here”

Also, applications may be picked up at Village Hall or mailed upon request. 

All absentee ballots must be returned to Village Hall in person or postmarked no later than February 8th. 


Please call Village Hall (585) 586-4332 or email the village clerk: villageclerk@villageofpittsford.com 

What happens following the Vote?

  1.  If both referendum questions are denied, no further action will be taken.
  2. If one or both questions are approved, a process to amend Village Code will be initiated.  Public Meetings and Hearings will be held; this process could take up to 2 years before sales, in to-be-specified locations, would be allowed

Your vote is important! We hope to see you on February 8th