What should I do if I have a question about a building permit that was issued?

If you have any questions or concerns regarding an issued building permit, you should contact the building inspector by phone at (585) 586-4332 or by email at buildinginspector@villageofpittsford.com.


 Do I need to register my home security alarm with the Village Office?

Registering your home security alarm with the Village Office is not required. 

 How do I get a fence permit?

The Building Inspector will determine if the fence needs HPB approval. After approval, a permit application may be obtained at the Village Office or it can be downloaded from the Village's website. The building inspector will issue the permit, giving it a number, which should be maintained for your records.

 How do I get a building permit?

A building permit is obtained at the Village Office and is issued by the building inspector after all approvals are met. The Building Inspector will determine the documentation that you must submit. An application is available at the Village Office, or may be downloaded from the "Application & Forms" section of the Village's website.

 Do Village records include an instrument survey a copy of the deed of every property?

If a resident has come before one of the boards with an application, an instrument survey would most likely will be in their property address file. Deeds and/or copies of deeds are maintained by the Monroe County Clerks Office. If a copy was given to the office during an application process, it would be kept with the property address file. Generally speaking, the Village office does not maintain these records.