Our Vision

The Village of Pittsford is one of the first settlements established in our region. During its early history, the Village was closely associated with stagecoaches, the Erie Canal and agricultural commerce. Over the 175 years since it was first incorporated, village residents have taken great pride in their community. Over the last fifty years, villagers have worked diligently to resist suburbanization, demolition of historic buildings, road widening, and the loss of downtown anchors.

Today, due to their efforts, we enjoy tree-shaded residential neighborhoods, a vibrant downtown serving the greater Pittsford community, walk-able streets, an outstanding collection of well-preserved historic architecture, and one of the most popular and successfully revitalized waterfronts along the entire length of the Erie Canal. The Village of Pittsford remains an attractive destination to live, work, and visit.

Village government is the steward of the key resources that distinguish the greater Pittsford area and continue to make the village the center of community life.

To ensure the future success of the Pittsford community, Village government is dedicated to the protection and continued enhancement of the village’s unique qualities and to the delivery of high-quality services to residents and businesses. By focusing on these goals, Village government hopes to maintain our high quality of life and ensure a bright future for Pittsford.

  1. Promote the economic, social and cultural well being of all its citizens.
  2. Promote the preservation of its significant and unique historic resources while ensuring the delivery of high quality, cost effective essential services.
  3. Preserve and enhance its role as a successful economic center to serve the business, cultural, social and governmental needs of residents, businesses and visitors.
  4. Coordinate growth and development in a way that protects environmental assets and promotes sound land use practices.
  5. Develop and promote a coordinated approach to parking, transportation and infrastructure improvements.
  6. Cooperate with the Town of Pittsford, the Pittsford Central School District, and other local municipalities to pursue collaborative efforts, which benefit the community.

Board of Trustee documents can be found in the Applications & Forms section of the Village website.