Moratorium Short-term Rentals

On July 11, 2023, The Board of Trustees enacted a 6-month moratorium on short-term rentals (STRs) in the Village of Pittsford. It goes into effect immediately. Existing STRs are not affected by this moratorium.


The purpose of the moratorium is to press a “pause button” on any new STRs to allow an assessment of the impact, if any, on the village environment and its residents. A Short-term Rental Citizen Advisory Committee has been established. It will be working during this time to evaluate the impact of STRs on the community and make recommendations to the Trustees regarding possible legislation, or not.


Any property owners establishing an STR during this time will violate the moratorium code and be subject to fines.

 Erie Canal Improvement Plan

The town and village have been working together for many years to help make the historic Erie Canal corridor an amenity for residents as well as visitors to community. This work has benefitted from the support of several partner agencies, including the New York State Department of State Division of Coastal Services and the New York State Canal Corporation as well as many other agencies and organizations. Monroe County was a leader in creating the Erie Canal Heritage Trail along the former tow path, one of the early visionary actions that set the stage for continued enhancements. As a result of these and many other public and private investments, Pittsford’s canal corridor is one of the jewels of the state canal system and has become an increasingly popular place for local residents to enjoy a wide variety of activities that are enhanced by the attractive canal-front setting.

 Monroe Avenue Corridor Traffic Study 2010

This report documents past and existing traffic conditions on Monroe Avenue (NYS Rt. 31) in the Town and Village of Pittsford between Clover Street (NYS Rt. 65) and Main Street (NYS Rt. 96), and projects future traffic conditions based on a 2020 future land use scenario.

 Village Traffic Calming Plan 2005

The Traffic Calming Plan, born of the Comprehensive Plan, accepted in December 2005, addresses specific traffic calming needs for the village. It takes into consideration improving pedestrian safety, vehicular speed reduction, encouraging safer driver behavior, and stabilizing and /or improving the value of real estate along busy village streets. To read the Traffic Calming Document, please follow the link.