The Canal
The Canal

Words from the Mayor

We, the elected officials, staff, and appointed volunteers, comprising the Village organization, are continually seeking ways to improve the Village's delivery of services and to ensure our policies address the current needs of residents, businesses, and visitors. We invite your comments via email, letters, telephone, or appointment.

The Village Comprehensive Plan, adopted in the winter of 2002, is an important part of our efforts. The Plan was developed by a volunteer committee who synthesized research and input from hundreds of people in the community. To ensure our recently adopted comprehensive plan does not “sit and collect dust,” the Comprehensive Plan Implementation Task Force will prioritize the plan’s recommendations and work toward facilitating their realization. The volunteer committee consists of residents and business owners representing both the village and the town. The committee includes a number of people who participated in the comprehensive plan planning process. The committee is chaired by Margaret Brizee.

We invite you to participate in this process. If you are interested in joining the Task Force please contact the Village Office.

At the suggestion of several residents, the Village has developed several ways to allow those with less time to contribute to the improvement of the village environment through donations. We are offering benches and bike racks which will be located throughout the village. Please contact the Village Office if you would like more information about either of these donation programs.

Bob Corby,